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  2. They communicate via a shared socket.

    MinaliC server exists both as a client that can be used on client machines or as a server on servers itself. Client can be used to make calls to or receive calls from the server. Server can be used to receive calls from client as well as to make calls to clients.

    See also
    List of web server software
    Web programming
    World Wide Web


    Category:Web development software
    Category:World Wide Web
    Category:Java (programming language) programming tools
    Category:Web server software
    Category:Servers (

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  3. This slideshow is easy to use and is thoroughly automatic. Seamlessly changes automatically from image to image based on an inputted time. Launch Rainbow Rose screensaver and enjoy these beautiful and colorful images as you relax, perform computer tasks or just take a break from your computer usage.

    A program that displays a bright colorful animation of an amethyst underwater lantern. When the program is startup, several appearances will be shown in the bubble, including firefly lanterns and a beach coral that will move

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  4. It operates…

    GFXMaster 3D is a software application that allows you to modify, create, display and edit all types of graphs.
    In addition to the ability to create and edit graphs it adds a lot of mathematical formulas that allow you to modify a graph in all sorts of ways.
    The GFXMaster 3D software allows users to freely create, modify, output and analyse simple to difficult graphs and modeling…

    PDF-X-3D consists of a set of

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  5. Still, it is a great tool to speed up the process of typing, especially for people with hand problems, and you shouldn’t overlook it.
    If you want to learn more about PredictEd, you can visit their website.

    We all know how important sharing photographs and video is nowadays, particularly among couples. Such is the volume of photos and videos taken, it’s impossible to keep track of them all on our own, and more often than not we end up with

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  6. Preparation and Characterization of Narrow-Band Filters of Single-Asymmetric Dyadic Apparatus for the Detection of Polarized Radiation.
    Various narrow bandpass filters (BPFs) of single-asymmetric dyadic apparatus were experimentally prepared with the cubic phase formed in transparent media, followed by the removal of the residual moisture by alcoholization. Characterization of the narrow bandpass filters was carried out using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. As

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  7. FreeTwitterDownload is a simple application that does not insist on you to provide any personal information. It is safe to use, saves your downloads as you save each and every session, and lets you download the files under the conditions you prefer.

    If you are afraid of Facebook being tracked by the government, then you have a lot to be worried about. The company is very much aware of the privacy troublesits created, and they have tried to deal with the situation by creating a separate system

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  8. Windows XP users should right-click the file and select «Run With…» to do the same thing.
    For more options, see:
    count lines
    count characters
    count words
    change the selected element’s font, text size, background and color:
    word count plug-in for MSWord
    count words plug-in
    selecting text with a word count plug-in

    The WordCount plug-in can count words contained in the selection. It will display the number

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  9. SiteView DM can help centralize key information across an organization and quickly respond to ITIL, ITSM, and ISO20022-1012 standards of the service and operations lifecycle. It provides ITIL/ITSM templates to improve operations and service management. It can also help you become a more efficient and effective operations manager. It can help to track and analyze service levels and resource infrastructures by easily set up different perspectives, such as SLM, service

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  10. ■ Generate reports and charts detailing overall spam statistics in your mailbox.
    SpamItBack! uses the efficient pjlpx TLD and is very easy to use, even for new users. The software is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, so the user is prompted to select an e-mail account, in case they want it to send mail for them. It will then automatically track all messages, much like an anti-spam solution. It will then use existing data

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  11. Cydia – 8GB camera

    Cydia with 8GB camera is a good camera tool that increases the capacity of the camera function on jailbroken iPhones. It supports 32 and 64 GB memory cards.
    When it is launched, Cydia 8GB camera automatically opens the memory card, allowing you to transfer photos, videos, and other files of various types from the available camera memory to the card you want to use.
    After you have transferred the desired content, it is enough just

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  12. A website is not just about creating attractive HTML code and putting it in an SEO-friendly container. If we had just removed Flash from our ecommerce site, it would have looked pretty odd, honestly.
    It is true, for example, that Youtube supports HTML 5 and Youtube can be opened in the majority of modern browsers and on mobile devices. However, the browser’s presence and functioning can be still uncertain. The number of supported browsers is not in the light, and the providers of

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  13. (VMWare)
    · «RS232 Data Logger» is FREE

    Modification time: 16.11.2008

    en: System Requirements
    en: Supported OS Platforms
    en: Version Compatibility
    en: Warning
    en: Powered By Eltima Software
    en: License Agreement
    en: How To Download
    en: Free Download
    en: Thank You
    en: Disclaimer
    en: Requirements
    en: Supported Operating Systems
    en: Version Compatibility
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  14. Hits : 30835

    Wakānala 2.3.8 Multi language Workflow

    FieldWorks is an extensive and powerful software solution for language analysis, text editing and preparation for publication, dictionary creation, interlinearization of texts, and in-depth text analysis.
    A walk-through project installation and preparation mode
    Because texts come in different shapes and styles and this application targets a wide variety of text editing and indexing, FieldWorks will be initialized in
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  15. DP Audio CD has an internal independant STAO detection. Normal this program will identify all burners. No STAO driver required for NT/W2K or XP.
    Download DP Audio CD and use it today!Detecting low-mass exoplanets using the gravitational shift of polarized light.
    The detection of low-mass exoplanets is difficult due to the much fainter contrast between the host star and the planet. One method of increasing the planet’s contrast is
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  16. i) BobC –
    (Paste barcodes into MS Excel and label them)
    2) Barcode Conversion –
    (Convert barcodes)
    To create your own brand of game, and use it in your games.
    Each level in the game is a set of instructions on how to display the game, and how to use the controls so that the game appears and plays correctly – the full instructions are in your game itself as a text file.
    If your game is
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  17. It’s free to download and use, and it’s compatible with all supported browsers.

    Primary tabs


























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  18. The application doesn’t require a specialist to operate; it is very intuitive.

    Aldus DWG to PDF Converter is an Adobe (PDF) and Corel(XPS) compatible tool that enables batch conversion of DWG, DXF or both files to the Adobe PDF standard. It can be used for the upload to the online services. More than 17,000 companies use the software in order to manage the documents they receive on a daily basis. The list of the clients includes FedEx, BMW, Dell and others.

    Automate DXF to PDF conversion is a powerful application, which enables you to
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  19. If you are interested in the add-on please try it for free first.

    Windows 8 App to Restart, Shutdown, Hibernate or Lock your Mobile Phone’s Screen

    Google App to Save Internet Browsing Logs

    Monitor Internet Traffic with Real-Time Viewing of HTTP Pages on a Mobile Phone

    *Note: Online data services are subject to change or termination without notice. You should always make your own decisions based on your own research
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  20. That is why the application is aptly suited to detect computer threats. However, it might be confusing to some users to make use of SanityCheck as a regular scan tool. Also, it comes at no additional cost.
    How can you keep your system clean?
    As mentioned, SanityCheck’s ‘View’ menu tab includes a diagram showing detected irregularities in your system and their reporting. In order to keep your system clean, you can either wait for a malware or rootkit to be
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  21. FurMark Beta

    FurMark is a free and open source surveillance app for Android devices, and enables the Android community to monitor important areas of their homes, workplaces, and outdoors. It is based on MATLAB®, which is a well-known environment for discrete-event modeling and simulation. FurMark was developed by NVIDIA and the free download has been released on NVIDIA® GitHub® and Google Play.

    FurMark has a friendly and clean user interface
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  22. Because this Free Halloween Movie Folder Icons will seamlessly integrate with the theme, you will be able to enjoy the Halloween Movie Folder Icons even more. So, start saving with this Free Halloween Movie Folder Icons now and give your mac a cool new look.
    License: Freeware $0.00 Size: 938.00 Kb

    Halloween Movie Folder Videos is a neat little utility, that will allow you to add your favorite Halloween Movie Folder videos to your desktop
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  23. This should work as long as all the data is delimited the same way – as the datasource defined by the txtConfigFile.Location points to a file on the local C:\. The other strange thing is that it is the only file on C:\ so it is unlikely that your problem lies on here.
    The ConvertToTable uses a mthod discovered and implemented by me, do not confuse it with the Import Data Wizard which only handles delimited files
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  24. Similar News/0 comment(s)

    watch GIFs and videos in video downloader app

    Wondershare Video Downloader. Video Downloader is an Android application that allows you to download any Youtube videos in high Definition and other popular media formats.

    factory reset android

    There are occasions in which a smartphone might suffer from software errors that can be repaired or even completely reset or reinstalled through a process of factory reset. Factory resetting an Android
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  25. Now it can decode packet by packet only using readFile

    PcapParser from Parser for Pcap is a class that provides static methods to parse pcap format files (the results are build-in strings/bytes).
    Its main features are:
    * very easy to use (actually it is just an util class)
    * can parse packets one by one
    * create a specific schema related to pcap functions
    * support of pcap parsing 2.6 and pcap
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  26. The present invention generally relates to methods and devices for locating selected articles. More particularly, this invention pertains to methods and devices for storing and locating extremely large numbers of articles.
    In the past, recycling centers have used a variety of devices and techniques to sort a large variety of recyclable items into categories based on the physical characteristics of each type of item, in order to provide articles for reprocessing. One commonly utilized technique has been to place the collected items into containers, which are
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  27. As a wizard-based application, VideoWizard does not require you to install any additional software and you do not need to learn any special command line. There are of course many useful filters to customize the results, including editing functions, and you can extract audio, add subtitles, create an index and batch convert large numbers of files at a time.
    Available for Windows and Mac
    It might be surprising to learn that VideoWizard was developed as a Mac-only software, but the Windows
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  28. Therefore, all files can be printed in a readable format without any complications.
    Control print options
    Alternatively, use the separate Print Options app which is designed to enhance your viewing and printing functionality. With this tool, you can take complete control and will need to print the content you choose and, at the same time, clean up the unwanted data. It is a great tool for people who want to print certain files only and do not want to just print the folder structure. Give it a try and
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  29. – If you have any suggestions how to make this program more useful – let us know, and we will try our best to implement them.
    – If you like our program – please support us by buying a coffee or beer.
    – Your feedback is our best reward!
    – Last update: 5 Feb 2020.The Daily Star’s FREE newsletter is spectacular! Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox Sign up today! Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Invalid Email

    (Image: GETTY)

    Owner Mike Garcia said he was walking his dog along the beach in Cyprus when he came across
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  30. Just keep an eye on the weak parts, which can either prove to be a fall-back for hackers or cause a security flaw to appear.Relation of corneal nerve defect length, number, and plantar rhizotomy to foot numbness in patients with diabetic distal symmetric polyneuropathy.
    The reduction of corneal nerve fibers correlates with diabetic neuropathic pain and progression of diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). Little is known about the relationship of nerve fiber
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  31. The software application is available at an attractive price of $3.99 and provides its users with full functionality, making it one of the most value-for-money subtitles renaming programs.
    Subtitle Renamer is a straightforward, well-written and easy to use tool that can be used to match subtitle files for matching the names of the corresponding video files, making the entire multimedia movie or TV viewing process easier, for movie or soccer fans the world over.

    Ajay Devgn
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  32. PDF Cropper for DOS v1.0 is a a program designed for preparing normal sized pdf’s (A4, B4, Letter etc.) to be readable on relatively small devices (Sony Reader PRS500/PRS505, iRex Iliad, Sony Librie, LBook eReader, Cybook Gen3, Jinke etc.).
    The main problem with pdf is that it is not reformatable. Wide white spaces, bad structured content make the situation even worse
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  33. 26.9

    Jan 19, 2017


    SlickRun 6.0.0 Final (for UBCD 4.0.5)

    SlickRun is a user-friendly piece of software designed to provide users with the possibility to launch applications and to open web pages easily.
    A simple command-line tool
    The application places a transparent command-line window on the program’s screen, providing users with the possibility to launch applications or web pages
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  34. Historians of the French Revolution, John M. Merrigan of Mount Holyoke College and Drew McCoy of Yale University, joined James McClelland, Elizabeth Bagwell, Andrea Occhipinti, and Bruce Swynder of Cambridge University and Slavko Ivekovic and Mark Thornhill of the University of Chicago in an «ultimately lost» manuscript [JSTOR subscription required for access] on revolutionary pamphlets. The manuscript, which is in the Rare Books and Special
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  35. �t attached to that, you know, head around? I felt, one day, in a very dark and, quite frankly, dark place. And I was relating to that on social media — actually, I talked to a lot of people over social media as a way of kind of, I guess, an outlet for what I was feeling. And I thought, you know, I needed to open up to somebody.

    So it was a friend of mine — and I will not
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  36. AntispamSniper for Outlook filtering is highly customizable, including the following options:
    · Separated list of server settings: black, white and gray lists of email addresses.
    · Separated list of account settings and permissions: filtering permitted accounts.
    · The possibility to check received messages on the server, delete the messages from the server by headers or download them to your email client for further filtering.
    · Automatic switch to folder, when any of the set filtering methods is
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  37. It’s written in MSSBC, has been on Windows since 1995 (maybe 1996), and has been shipped with virtually every Windows setup for nearly 20 years. Here’s a screenshot of an ancient DOS version (mine was exactly that – maybe 1995).

    So it’s definitely not something you do one day and forget about, but this utility has been used since DOS 5.
    BitHack can be used with any portable Linux distribution or Windows too.
    It’s not for the faint of
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  38. What’s New in This Release:

    * This application is now compatible for mobile devices only with Android 4.0 and higher. Please rename app icon to SURF_CANISTER_CI
    * Chrome compatibility implemented
    * AVG Detection support for malicious websites added
    * Various improvements and fixes
    New in Version 5.5.1 (2014-12-11):

    Chrome Compatibility

    – Use your QR Code´s software lib/scanners and scanners (Unknown
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  39. Costs are quite affordable
    Text Studio costs just $15.95, which is nothing for a tool that can help you write, manipulate and edit text and code files on Windows. It is a fairly inexpensive tool that will satisfy even the most demanding users. For those who can use several programs, the Pop Chart Maker will be a much better choice that will offer nearly the same functionality.
    Download and Installation
    Text Studio is an executable installer and is compatible with any OS, including Windows Vista
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  40. TrackBatchCrop can crop many tracks in batch mode and make the frames with photo GPS waypoints.

    A track contains a list of waypoints, including the start point and end point of the track.
    Lots of useful context and graphic elements are added to the part window if you choose «Single-click on a track to select it».
    In addition, you can add text, photo, video, and much more to the track window.

    GPXImages is
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  41. This saves one more mouse click and time. VectorWorks imports Polylines and Polyarcs but does not support Polymark.

    DXFTool is a handy utility that allows you to change the DXF exports of any CorelDraw tool. It allows you to quickly change from DXF, PICT, PICTOV, PFM, DSC, XCEL or ARC exports into the desired DXF output format. DXFTool is an additive utility that allows you to change the DXF export of the CorelDraw application without changing any of the parameters of the file.

    DXFTool is a handy utility
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  42. More specifically you can expect:

    Detailed understanding of the concepts and their answer explanations
    Irrespective of your background or level of experience all the concepts and how they are applied 
    Practice questions and answers to help you instantly apply your knowledge on the question that you are facing
    Ability to retest and improve your concepts understanding
    Workshop for upcoming exams with professionals & experts
    Stay updated with the newest exam information

    If you need any support you can contact us directly through our website. We are always there to support you.
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  43. What’s New:

    Major Release

    Version 1.05:- New users can access themselves’s online storage by entering their username and password.



    Sending large files via Internet can prove to be quite a hassle, considering you cannot attach them to email messages if their size is too large, and that some sharing services also restrict the size of the files you upload. However, there are some alternative solutions, such as Dropsend Direct.
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  44. Adaption of male and female Wistar rats to post-whey protein and corresponding milk in variable volumes during gestation and lactation.
    The objective was to examine the effect of post-whey protein and corresponding milk supplements for pregnant and lactating dams to counteract the negative effects of an increased milk volume on the pups’ metabolic and behavioural parameters. Female Wistar rats were fed diets containing post-whey protein (PWP) or casein (control) at 0-12
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  45. The SDK provides the following tools and utilities to build applications for webOS:
    · The webOS Debugger
    · The WebOS Installer
    · The webOS Config Utility
    The PDK runs on a variety of supported operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X.

    Config and licensing are independent of the package. The PDK is developed independently of the
    Palm Developer Agreement.
    This package includes the following files on the filesystem:
    Config File: PADK.
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  46. The usual flaws applied to voice-over software occur with Another Speech, like difficulties while modifying text, the inability to offer variations in pitch levels and attempts to come up with imaginative abilities.
    The program promises to let you turn text into speech, and at this price, that is quite a miracle.

    If you are stuck on any aspect of skin care, then your search ends with our guide for the best Intensive Treatment Overnight Cream and Intensive Treatment Overnight Eye Serum.
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  47. Karounna Julien
    Creator of MathematicsI am raising money for Special Olympics Colorado to help support their Summer Games here in Colorado. I will still be able to compete in the games here to help raise awareness of Special Olympics. I plan on doing well enough to raise money for this kickstarter too. I also hope that you are very proud of me.

    The problem is making the most kind, generous, and glorious drive of the week. Now, this is
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  48. While it has a feature rich UI, some features are categorized inside containers, making it a bit hard to use. Nonetheless, if you have the time to master its UI, RAOB can become your best friend.
    RAOB (Snow Gauge)
    Price : Free
    Website :

    RANS offers various products and services that are patented. It is a member of its global RANS group of companies
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  49. The Rinzo XML Editor can view and edit XML data using the native XML Language. It aims to save you from having to deal with having to manually parse and format the XML file by loading in the variables and content inline.
    What is more, the Rinzo XML editor is designed to be used with all Eclipse-based editors for the editing, saving, loading, compiling of XML files.
    Rinzo XML Editor Version 5.0 is going to be released and
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  50. That said, we can’t help but feel that BullGuard Antivirus would have benefitted from an up-to-date definition of malware and a more functional antispam component as part of the first release.
    Antivirus programs are good at tracking down threats but they may fail to properly keep up with everything that runs on the Internet. To counter this, BullGuard Antivirus has a role in the very technology that is used to spy on us – its SafeBrow
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  52. | Free Download

    File Processor is an easy-to-use application that can be used for changing file names and removing them, in addition to altering related settings. It helps you to make the process as easy and convenient as possible.
    Installer, prerequisites, and interface
    There are no special settings to get the app going, so it can be executed without any prerequisites. The app is represented by a simple setup window where you can select the output location.
    You can
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  53. Last year I had 100% success with using the Megastore course to teach my teams something new and something we had used themselves. With the Megastore 3.0 revamp I had hoped to see more or less the same program so that I could report something definitive.

    Now that we have upgraded the Megastore servers (and the data in the database) the problems I encountered last year have gone away and it runs beautifully. So here goes…

    My loyal
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  54. In the summer of 2015 we have a remake of our old program DXTBMP (for Windows XP to Windows 7). DXTBMP 2.0 Beta contains a lot of new features, but the most important are:

    1) Format support of 16, 32 and 64 bit
    2) Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
    3) Bugfix, optimization and render quality are one of the highest currently on the market.
    4) Supported save formats: ACE DXT1, DXT1, RAT1, RAT2
    5) Fast loading
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  55. There are other features worth mentioning as well. The charts can be dragged to any position and the viewpoints can be turned just as easily. You can add annotations to the screen and there are dozens of point details you can specify to fine tune the graphs further.
    In this blog post I am going to review the great charts you can create with the AnyChart suite.

    The Rainbow Scatter Chart

    The rainbow scatter chart can be a great way to show different numeric proportions such as ratios
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  56. Some of the relevant and useful features of the program are: drag and drop support, preview images before purification, batch processing and fast progress bar. But the program does not come without flaws: it is not possible to remove RAW or DNG pictures and it fails to distinguish between print and non-printable elements.

    MultiSlideshow is a Mac application that lets you to create, edit and run multimedia presentations for Mac OS X. A powerful feature set includes video and audio editing, background
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